Indonesia Vs Cambodia, Latest News about Satria Tama Condition

Indonesia Vs Cambodia, Latest News about Satria Tama Condition

Goalkeeper U-22 Indonesia, Satria Tama, will still occupy the bench reserve Garuda Muda squad on Thursday (24/8/2017).

Therefore, 20-year-old goalkeeper was declared able to play.

Previously, Satria Tama had injured in the second half when Indonesia counter Vietnam and must be held to leave the field on Tuesday (22/08/2017).

At that time, Satria Tama was replaced by Kurniawan Kartika Ajie. Then, he was threatened absent because of the injury.

In fact, at the afternoon training session on Wednesday (23/08/2017), Satria Tama has not joined other players and just walked around the Safe Club Area, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

After the exercise, Satria Tama was taken to a hospital (RS) for further examination by team doctor Syarif Alwi.

The results of the examination turned out to produce positive news. Satria Tama can be played if coach Luis Milla is pleased.

“After the final examination, Satria Tama’s injury is not serious,” said Media Officer U 22 Indonesia, Donny Fahrochi.

“The matter of him (Satria) is installed or not, it is the authority of the coach, but Satria can be played tomorrow,” he said on Wednesday (08/23/2017) night.

To that end, goalkeeper Diky Indrayana has not been registered. Previously, this goalkeeper will be registered if Satria can not play.

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