Indonesian National Team Competition U-22 Will Be Maintained?

Indonesian National Team Competition U-22 Will Be Maintained?

Indonesia U-22 national team failed to win gold medals in the SEA Games soccer branch. Luis Milla’s team is only able to achieve a bronze medal, after the semi-final defeated Malaysia 0-1.

However, despite failing to meet the gold medal targets, Evan Dimas and his comrades are still getting appreciation from the public. Hard work and fighting spirit in the field plus individual skill players make click amazed the football lovers, including from neighboring countries.

There is a new term, for fans, Indonesia U-22 national team is considered to have received a gold medal by looking at what they gave during the SEA Games 2017.

Former Indonesian national team striker, Indriyanto “Nunung” Nugroho hopes that the composition in the U-22 national team is currently maintained for various events going forward. Just like the majority of football lovers nationwide, he also felt salute and proud of the struggle of Garuda Young Team at SEA Games 2017.

“In the game I see it quite satisfied now how to keep them for the long term because there are still many events that will be faced,” said Nunung to, Wednesday (08/30/2017).

He noted there were some valuable lessons to be learned in the event. In the organization of the game, Indonesia U-22 national team is considered to have gone well.

Only, the emotional control of the players that felt necessary to be addressed. He believes, as time goes by maturity and calmness in play will increase.

Starting Young

However, Nunung who is currently a team coach SSB Kabomania PSSI is hoping to continue to prepare players ranging from the young age level. “Still have to prepare our young players also through grassroot, so our coaching is still tiered,” he said.

Previously, Vice Chairman of PSSI, Joko Driyono said, Luis Milla and the Indonesian national team players in SEA Games 2017 is maintained until the 2018 Asian Games which took place in Jakarta and Palembang. The so-called players have fought hard until the end point to dedicate the medal.

“The team is prepared for the 2018 Asian Games. The input we received for this team is maintained, in general we get a response to Luis Milla and his team continue to train the Indonesian national team,” said Joko Driyono.

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