Weight Schedule Awaiting AC Milan, Montella Meet Senior Club

Weight Schedule Awaiting AC Milan, Montella Meet Senior Club

AC Milan must recognize the benefits of Juventus 0-2 in Serie A advanced action at the San Siro, Saturday, October 28, 2017. This defeat again led to the rumors of dismissal coach Vincenzo Montella.

The latest development, AC Milan, reportedly will appoint Gennaro Gattuso to replace Montella. However, it looks like Montella will be preserved for now.

This was revealed after Montella met with AC Milan CEO Marco Fassone and Sports Director Massimiliano Mirabelli. They meet to analyze the current situation experienced by the Rossoneri.

Weighing the schedule that must be dilakoni Milan make the club will still maintain Montella. The reason, there will be a series of matches that can not be abandoned Montella.

In addition to the tough game against Napoli, Milan will also play Sassuolo, Torino, Benevento, Bologna, Verona, Atalanta and Fiorentina.

The improvements they have shown over the last few games should be continued again to lift the spirits of teams that are glued to the mid-table standings.

AC Milan are determined to look for a series of other wins to help with a difficult situation.

Candidate Replacement Montella

Gattuso’s name began to be busy discussed to replace the position of Montella. As reported by Calciomercato, Gattuso has even met with the owners of the club, Han Li, and Mirabelli yesterday.

It is not known what they are talking about. However, in an interview with Milannews, Gattuso claimed to have praise related to the appearance of foster children in the Milan Primavera team.

Asked if he would replace Montella, Gattuso denied. “The main team? Do not think so, we’re just talking about the primavera team,” he said.

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